About me!

Hi, my name is Lisa, I am a medical student at the Medical University of Vienna and due to the great Roland R. Wauer Award, I am allowed to stay in another country for one month and work there at a neonatal clinic. I am very excited to start my trip and gain experience, get to know amazing people and learn about working at a neonatology in another country.


What you should know about me...

I have never been in another country for more than two weeks. Well, one month isn't a bigger difference, but quite a progress I think. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling hasn't been that easy either, so I am even more eager to spend some time abroad. What's more, I love kids, especially babys AND I love my studies in medicine a lot, so neonatology seems to be the perfect combination, right? I can tell you, it's way more than that - a combination of precision medicine, personalized medicine and teamwork  - as you will see following my daily routine during the upcoming month. 

I am quite an omnivore, so finding something to eat shouldn't be a problem. Afterwards, I like going for a walk in order to explore the neighborhood. 😉 You recognise me due to my ear pods, as I love listening to music. I am not always up-to-date when it comes to music and lyrics aren't my thing either, but I feel the rhythm and shake up, no matter what. Generally, I love doing sports, but playing tennis and hiking are definitely my favourites.  

That's it for now, but I hope you join me on my adventure ! 

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